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Getting Started With HTML | How To Create A WebPage In HTML

Getting Started With The HTML. First, we need to understand what is HTML. HTML is a structured language it is also known as markup language. It is used to make the structure of the website. HTML also stands as Hyper Text Markup Language every tag in HTML has closed, the tags which do not close are known as self tags. We will look into this later first we need to create the HTML document. We can create the HTML document in notepad but it is recommended for new learners to use the notepad++ tool to create the HTML page which is free. Lets create new HTML page.

First Create a Document Type In HTML Because We have to indicate the browser that the document which is being opened is HTML document by this following command

<!DOCTYPE html>

How To Create A web page In HTML

After creating the Doctype tag we have to create the HTML tag

Every thing we will add inside the html tag

There will be two more basic tags which will add inside the HTML tag. The first tag is the head tag and the second will be the body tag. The head tag will contain all the necessary and meta information inside the page which will not directly display the web page. The body tag is the most important tag because every thing which we will add to show on the web page will be inside the body tag

The final code 

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My First Web Page!</title>
<h1>Hello World!</h1>


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